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   Engineered for the military, these cases hold up to the rigorous demands of travel, dirt, water, and almost any thing else that you can throw at it.  Hardigg cases are rotationally molded of durable polyethylene, so they are rugged as well as recyclable.  With over 250 standard sizes, which is more then anyone else in the industry, we can deliver protection solutions quickly and cost-effectively. 

   Hardigg cases have a wide variety of standard options to custom suit the case to your specific needs.  From stainless steel handles and hardware, to humidity indicators along with 14 Federal Standard colors.  Check out of full listing of options for Hardigg cases.

single lid shipping containers

Over 250 Standard Sizes
Rugged Rotationally Molded
Quick Availability
Meets Military Specs
Wide Range of "Standard" Options
Each Hardigg case is carefully engineered for minimum weight and maximum protection.  Molded-in interlocking ribs give the case greater strength and stacking stability.

The tongue-in-groove gasketed parting line of each case seals tight, even after impact because it's molded right in.  

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