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Hardigg Cases

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   We offer a wide variety of Hardigg cases to suit every possible need that you can think of.  All the cases the we offer from Hardigg are rotationally molded out of high quality polyethylene resins, which makes them light, yet very durable.  Since rotationally molding distributes 15% - 20% more resin into corners (which are subject to greater stress), they absorb shocks and bumps better.  The rounded corners of Hardigg Cases prevent damage to other objects as well as injury to the handlers.  

   Hardigg cases last.  They are resistant to solvents and acids, and decontaminable as well.  The color can't be rubbed, scratched or even peeled off because it's not painted on; it's molded-in.

Standard Single Lid Cases
Quick Ship Cases

Standard (Single Lid) Deck Cases
Double Lid Rackmount Cases
Grab N' Roll
Custom Cases

Engineered for the military, priced for you  


     Hardigg offers the largest number of sizes in the rotationally molded case industry.  Today, the count is over 250, which means that we can provide well engineered packaging protection quickly and cost-effectively.  

    Hardigg cases offer superior protection, because each one is computer designed to handle predetermined loads and stresses, and to survive drops from specified heights and to keep it's cargo safe.

   Rotomolding permits a parting line that's molded in, not just crimped on.  The unique rib design maximizes stacking strength and stability.  All hardware is recessed.  Molded in stainless inserts provide steel to steel contact with catches, strikes and hinges, giving them hundreds of pounds of pull strength.

  • Over 250 Standard Sizes

  • Engineered for Protection

  • Variety of Colors

  • Variety of Case Options

  • Meets Military Specs

  • Recyclable

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